Weekly Newsletter

‘FOCUS’ on sale now

The June cover

Copies of FOCUS are for sale in church, in the local post office and newsagents on Tisbury High St. Price 50p.

The June front cover shows Richard Davies and Nicola Jones, part of The Oyster’s Coppice workparty, cutting ‘corduroys’ from hazel to put on the muddy paths. The photo is taken of the compartment or ‘coupe’ that was coppiced during the winter. The hazel is cut to the ground in a compartment to allow light in which encourages flowers. This results in insects which  bring in the birds thus increasing biodiversity. Coupes are cut in a rotation of about 7 years.

FOCUS is a monthly community magazine produced and compiled entirely by a group of volunteers under the auspices of St John’s Church.  As well as articles of general interest each edition contains plenty of information about what’s on in St John’s and the other Tisbury churches, together with news and updates from the various clubs and societies in the village,  from the Bowling Club to the History Society. The magazine is distributed at the beginning of each month, again by volunteers.  To arrange to be on the distribution list, £5 for the year, contact the Parish Office (01747-871697).  Copies can also be bought at 50p each from Tisbury Post Office and the Newsagent.

Deadline Day for copy for the following month’s edition should be emailed to [email protected] ( hard copy to the Parish Office in the Hinton Hall) by no later than 10th of the month.  Commercial advertisements may be placed in the magazine – for more information email [email protected]