taking the next step

Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which we affirm for ourselves the promises made on our behalf at our baptism. You may have recently had your child baptised and made promises for that child to help them grow in faith in Christ. If you have not been confirmed, this might be a good time to make those promises for yourself.

In Confirmation, God assures us of his love and gives us the gifts of the Holy Spirit to strengthen us to do his will as we answer Jesus’ call to discipleship and promise to follow him.  This affirmation is confirmed through prayer and the laying on of hands by the confirming bishop, usually one of the three bishops serving the Salisbury Diocese. You may be confirmed if you are baptised and are old enough to answer responsibly for yourself. From time to time we run  short courses for those seeking to be confirmed that would also be appropriate for adults seeking baptism. If you have not already been baptized, adult baptism and confirmation could take place at the same service.

If you wish to know more about confirmation, please contact the Parish Office.


Q: Where does confirmation take place?

A: People are mostly confirmed either in the church that they normally attend, or at a special service held in Salisbury Cathedral. Just occasionally a confirmation service may take places in a church where candidates from a number of different churches are combined together.

Q: When do I take Holy Communion after confirmation?

A: Usually straight after your Confirmation, but where your confirmation didn’t take place in your parish church, you may wait until the following Sunday to take your first Communion.