Work in progress

A West Gallery Evensong

Sunday 15th September 6pm

A Village Choir Thomas Webster 1847. [Victoria & Albert Museum]

This service has now taken place. Photos and audio clips to follow.

When Choral Evensong returns after the summer break, the September service will be a one-off exploration of West Gallery music. Stuart Robinson writes: This delightful tradition which flourished during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries was a reaction against the comparative formality of choral services, and takes its name from the fact that singers and instrumentalists would occupy the west gallery in a church. There was such a gallery in St John’s until the 19th century! It’s a style deeply rooted in the West country – in fact the setting of the Nunc Dimittis is based on a manuscript in the Dorset County Museum.

There will be a workshop for singers and players and 4pm followed by tea followed by the service itself. If you want to sing, please contact me. Or just turn up and be part of the congregation!