Ask Andrew

what’s on your mind?

A question is a gift; the questions we ask direct and guide our lives to find out what is important.

In the course of my time as a church minister I have been asked many wonderful questions. Some of them were very personal and some just curious about God or about how to get on with others.

In sharing some of these discussions, perhaps you will find help with something that might be on your mind.

During my sabbatical this year, I travelled to Kajo Keji in South Sudan as part of a diocesan visit there to lead a clergy conference. I went along with some of the team from the charity CRESS, who are building a new health clinic there. You can read more about CRESS and the fantastic work they do in our Community section. I’d like to share some reflections on my recent visit to this country still recovering from civil war, the work of the church there … and having a fit of the giggles while praying!

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