Family Service: 5th June 9.30am

Tisbury Hidden Gardens

A colourful afternoon

Perfect weather, beautiful gardens and cups of tea and CAKE all came together in perfect harmony on the afternoon of Sunday 24th June to produce over £4,600 for church funds. Visitors were given the opportunity to visit twelve horticultural gems. One of the highlights was the recently landscaped garden at Tisbury’s own ‘Gold Hill’, a civic award winning, Lutyens inspired house, as well as other historic gardens and more modest plots. Admission tickets were supplemented by the sale of plants, gardening books and refreshments. Photographs by Jon Amos.

Bill Liddiard, Chairman of the organising committee, was delighted with the success of the occasion.
We heard so many lovely comments from our visitors who enjoyed their tour of Tisbury, admiring the variety of our gardens and talking to the gardeners. We do appreciate the efforts put into the gardens over the last few months and how lucky we were that the weather showed them at their best.  And I think the standard of cake baking in Tisbury has spread far and wide.