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Holiday workshops 7th August

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Bookings are now being taken for a holiday workshop in Tisbury’s Hinton Hall on Tuesday August 7 – from 1000 until 1300 with food from 1215. Open to 3-12 year olds but bring an adult to stay and play if you are four or under. There are all kinds of activities:

Boat building, junk modelling, crafty makes and tasty bakes.

To book contact the Revd Joanna Naish. Phone 01747 871820 or email [email protected]

Any junk and recyclable items will be welcome along with unwanted shirts and Tshirts, gaffer & parcel tape, sponsors of goods and indeed, any help on the workshop days.

Pancake races featured in the first holiday workshop earlier this year where a good time was had by all: view pictures here.