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A new east window

Latest news: £££ target almost there.

Thomas Denny – the artist and stained glass designer – has reached a key stage in work on a bold new east window for St John’s. More news about the whole project can be found on a separate website here.

The main photo shows one of the traceries and the final stage of painting in Tom Denny’s studio.
The areas that look like ‘cracks’ are actually the edges of the glass pieces and will be filled by lead. He has completed all of the small windows and these have been transferred to the Salisbury Cathedral workshop to be leaded. 

Thomas Denny’s design

The appeal launched last year to raise £228,000 for the whole project is now just £2,000 short of its target. A final push is to be made by the committee responsible for the project. The new window (which will be dedicated when work is completed)  will replace the current east window in St John’s which has seriously deteriorated over the years. It was installed in 1861 to a design by Charles Clutterbuck. An attempt at a repair by overpainting was made during the 1960s, but was unsuccessful and caused further damage.    

Donors to the appeal are being invited to write dedications for a Memorial Book. A draft will soon be shared online so that everyone can how individual words and stories will create a lasting history of Tisbury.

The current east window

“Most of my windows are in churches, and their themes are scriptural”
Thomas Denny speaks further about his work on his own website here

Thomas Denny examines two newly etched pieces of glass