Bikes for South Sudan

Chalke-Cueiebet Partnership

Forty bicycles for the use of clergy and others in the Cueibet Diocese of South Sudan have now arrived in Juba, the country’s capital. Funding for 40 bikes was raised by The Chalke Valley Lent Project; the original plan was for 25.  Most of the money was raised in Chalke but one sum came from Hindon and another from Western Downland Benefice.  The bikes were made over the border in Nairobi Kenya, and are suited for the arid terrain. The Diocese of Cueibet has had a partnership with the Chalke Valley Deanery since 2012.

The Revd Mark Hayter, Associate Priest in the Nadder Valley Benefice writes:

The Anglican Diocese of Cueibet is stable and largely peaceful under its current strong governor but there is concern over a potential food shortage. The shortages will possibly take effect from August before the next harvest is ready. The rains this year have so far been moderate so communications have been easier than in other years, but this could have a future effect. Our students at Theological college are nearing the end of the semester and are expected to graduate this summer and return to active ministry in the diocese. The one who will remain for a further year , Charles, will be joined by another in the Autumn so that we continue to support two students each year. They are currently having to complete their studies in Moyo, Uganda as the unrest caused the college to relocate, for safety reasons from Kajo Keji. 

The next Deanery visit is currently scheduled for February 2018 and we will shortly be asking for the support of the parishes o help fund this essential, supportive trip.

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