Darkness to Light


Artwork from St John’s School

On November 1st each year, the Church celebrates the Feast of All Saints. With that in mind the Revd Joanna Naish has been working with pupils at St John’s Primary School in Tisbury to produce this artwork, to be used as an altar frontal for a communion service at Albany House (a care home near St John’s Church). It will then travel on to St John’s.

Revd Joanna Naish, Associate Priest

Joanna writes about her work with the children:
We talked about what a Saint might be … decided a splatter background was a good plan to reflect the glimpses of glory brought by the lives of all the saints ( and because fireworks might be a good way to remember this …  ) Each child then drew some modern day believers (Saints)  – and everyone’s fingerprints were used to make up the river of the faithful that is the Communion of Saints. We then did some colourful lettering and worked out how to stick it together. Very much a joint effort from all involved!