your special day

St John’s Church is a beautiful and popular setting for weddings and we have hosted many here for hundreds of years. Imagine yours here, with our renowned organ and the bells ringing peals of joy from the tower!

If you are thinking about St John’s Church for your ceremony, we would be very happy to talk with you. Please get in touch with us through the Parish Office to arrange an initial appointment with the Parish Priest.

When it comes to planning the ceremony itself, we will work from an Order of Service that the officiating priest will devise with you.

Music can be a key part of the occasion and vital in providing uplift to the service for you, your families and guests. Stuart Robinson (Director of Music) will organise a separate meeting with you to discuss your choices of music. You may want to consider hymns during the service (usually no more than four), as well as music for the entry of the bride and when the married couple leaves the church after the ceremony. There is also an opportunity for music when the registers are signed, either provided by St Johns choir or musicians of your choice. Please discuss this also with Stuart, who may be able to suggest options for you.

Some good websites to help you plan your wedding are: – a Church of England website that includes a service planner and provides a broader guide, including legal aspects.

Royal School of Church Music  – a site that gives plenty of advice on musical aspects of the service, from planning and choice of music, to copyright and fees.