St John’s Church Band

Music at St Johns

They who sing pray twice!

Music plays an important part in the worship at St Johns and is led by Stuart Robinson, Director of Music. In addition to two fine organs, there is a mixed band, a choir of experienced adult singers and an excellent grand piano. We have our own YouTube channel, where you can watch several performances by our musicians.  We are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music, an educational charity which supports the work of church musicians through its training programmes, publications and courses.

Our monthly music lists may be viewed and downloaded below

Tisbury Music October 2022
Tisbury Music September 2022 updated
Tisbury Music September 2022
Tisbury Music August 2022
Tisbury Music July 2022 ##
Tisbury Music June 2022 #
Tisbury Music May 2022
Tisbury Music April 2022
Tisbury Music March 2022
Tisbury Music February 2022
Tisbury Music January 2022
Tisbury December 2021 #
Tisbury November 2021
Tisbury October 2021 ##
Tisbury September 2021 #
Tisbury August 2021
Tisbury July 2021
Tisbury June 2021
Tisbury May 2021
Tisbury April 2021
No services took place in church from January until March 2021
Tisbury December 2020
Tisbury November 2020
Tisbury October 2020
Tisbury September 2020
No music lists were published during the first months of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Tisbury March 2020
Tisbury February 2020
Tisbury January 2020
Tisbury December 2019
Tisbury November 2019
Tisbury October 2019
Tisbury September 2019
Tisbury August 2019
Tisbury July 2019
Tisbury June 2019
Tisbury May 2019
Tisbury April 2019
Tisbury March 2019
Tisbury February 2019
Tisbury January 2019
Tisbury December 2018
Tisbury November 2018
Tisbury October 2018
Tisbury September 2018
Tisbury August 2018
Tisbury July 2018
Tisbury June 2018
Tisbury May 2018
Tisbury April 2018
Tisbury March 2018
Tisbury February 2018
Tisbury January 2018
Tisbury December 2017
Tisbury November 2017
Tisbury October 2017
Tisbury September 2017
Tisbury August 2017
Tisbury July 2017
Tisbury June 2017
Tisbury May 2017
Tisbury April 2017
March 2017
Tisbury February 2017
January 2017
December 2016

If you might be interested in making music with us, please contact Stuart Robinson through the Parish Office on 01747 871697.