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the circle for living

Life is a gift, as is all that we have and call our own.  Giving is our response of gratitude to what we have received. To live and love well we give and share with others what we have received. When we look at the earth and the creation we are overwhelmed by the richness of life. When we see the generosity of those around us, we are filled with joy. Giving is its own reward and fills the giver with joy.

The opportunities to give are many and as we do so, we enter into the perfection of human life as God has made us.  Jesus said: ‘Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.’  This may seem an unattainable goal, but we are only, ever asked to give of what we have and not of what we do not have.

It is in giving that we most clearly show that we have understood who God is and what He does for us. The work of God in Tisbury and beyond in its many forms exists and thrives on the gifts of the people who live here, through their commitment to share God’s many blessings with others.

How can I give?

You may be surprised at how many talents you have to offer! Whatever you enjoy doing will be one of the ways that others can benefit from your service. Even if you feel you can only spare a little time or that your abilities are limited, there are many ways to make your service count, whether it’s serving coffee, welcoming or helping with cleaning chores. Follow the link to find out more about how you could join in.

There is much that this church does to share in God’s giving and regular giving helps the life and mission of the Church.  Giving to church and to charities enables new life, new vision, new hope. Our giving is not just about money, but does include the giving of money.

 What should I do next?

If you would like to offer your help or to give financially, please get in touch with the Parish Office to talk about where you would like to be involved and to find out more about schemes for giving.

If you wish you can make a donation online to the church here.