Film Night

Work continues

Improvements to heating and flooring

Work in the nave to improve flooring and heating is well underway. We apologise for any inconvenience but the church is open during the daytime as usual. Please do take care and mind the steps if you wish to walk through to the east end and the St Andrew’s Chapel, which is reserved for private prayer and (hopefully) some quiet!

Regulars and visitors will see that flooring has been replaced in the north aisle and Lady Chapel.  Work has now begun in the south aisle to replace flooring under the choir stalls which in turn have been renovated. We hope work will be completed by October 12th though the organ will have to remain sealed until 22nd when it will be tuned.

L’orgue plastique

Renovated stalls and non-mdf flooring!

Work is due to finish in mid-October, and will mean an improved space for the Lady Chapel, more even flooring and more warmth!